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    Jul 15, 2017
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    Our server uses technology applications as a way to control the much more complicated, powerful and expensive technology that players will try to get for themselves. Also this is meant to act as evidence, should a question regarding acquisition of said technology raise between players.

    It is mostly operated on common sense of players and their judgement on what could be considered worthy of application and what isn’t (such as simple rifles, laser pistols and anything sensible and easy to acquire in a setting like Starbound. A power armor? Better apply for it). This application will consist of two stages, yet the second one will occur only if the checking moderator or admin will have more questions. This application is per character.

    If you will have questions whenever or not the technology you want to acquire for a character needs an application, then do contact a staff member either through PMing or in the shoutbox, if one is available there at the time.

    First stage isn't meant to be lengthy. The format can be done freeform, yet mention of the character name at the beginning is a mandatory.

    Character Name: Name of the character that will be acquiring this technology.
    Tech Name: Name of the technology you will be applying for.
    Brief Description: Describe what it is and possibly how it operates. No need to go in depth. Do not forget to check with the server lore for established tech posted in the same sub-forum.
    How did the character acquire it?: Brief explanation on how said technology was acquired.

    If it is clear enough and not too over the top, then the staff member checking it can accept it. If not, then it will move to the second stage of the application, where the player will have to answer additional questions of the staff member.
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